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Pain is the Educator

Pain is an undeniable force that spurs us toward growth and change. The pain in our bodies is a direct message related to the things we need to shift and heal in our lives. Bodywork helps integrate the mind and the flesh, opening lines of communication and removing blocks that have kept true healing at bay. What is your pain trying to tell you?

Our Treatment Philosophy:

We take a uniquely integrated approach to massage and bodywork. The focus in each session is to provide what the individual most needs Now.

You and your therapist will work together to decide what those needs are and your therapist will utilize the modalities that seem most appropriate for meeting those goals during the course of your session.

Integrated Massage Treatments Can Include:

  • Polarity Therapy
  • Core Synchronism/Cranial-Sacral
  • Reflexology/Acupressure/TCM
  • Swedish Gymnastics/Non-Specific Stretches
  • Swedish/Deep-Tissue
  • Shiatsu/Trigger Point/Myofascial
  • Natural Therapeutic Supplementation

Additional Services:

  • Mobile Massage (We'll come to you!)
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Pregnancy & Infant Massage
  • Event Massage (anniversaries, bachelorette parties, baby showers, meetings, city events etc.
  • Sports & Chair Massage

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A Quote to Live By

" Life is painful at times, and spiritually, we are meant to face the pains that life presents... Spiritual teachings encourage us to grow past and through painful experiences, each of which is a spiritual lesson. " ~ Caroline Myss