Massage Rates & Services for Albuquerque and Cedar Crest, NM

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Therapeutic Massage Rates & Services:

  • 30-Min Therapeutic Massage: $35
  • 1-Hr Therapeutic Massage: $65
  • 90-Min Therapeutic Massage: $95
  • 2-Hr Therapeutic Massage: $125


Additional Therapeutic Treatments:

  • 1-Hr Hot Stone Massage: $85
  • 90-Min Hot Stone Massage: $120
  • 1-Hr Core Synchronism/Cranial Sacral/Polarity Treatment: $60
    • This treatment is appropriate for individuals that need to deeply relax, release and heal traumas stored in the body or connect with the energetic and spiritual aspects of their being.


Additional Information about In-Home and Mobile Massage Services:

Mobile massage is available for 1-2 hour treatments only. Mobile massage is not available for hot stone treatments unless you have your own equipment and can set it up beforehand. We serve the inner city of Albuquerque, NM and select locations in Cedar Crest, NM. Mileage fees will apply outside our general service area.


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